IMAG0034I am dr. Samira van Bohemen (Rotterdam, 1987) and I am a cultural sociologist at the sociology department of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. I have a broad range of interests about which I write and teach. My PhD thesis specifically engages with play and identity performance (gender and age) and the Red Hat Society. For those of you who have never heard about it, the Red Hat Society is a popular and international movement of women over fifty with a remarkably large membership in the Netherlands.

Since September 2015 I am engaged in a new research project about youth, ethnicity and sexuality. This project is provocatively called ‘Good Sex’ because it aims to move away from the focus on ‘risk’ in studies about youth and sexuality. The project will take three years and is funded by the Dutch Fund for Sexuality Research (FWOS).

My life, however, is not only about being a scholar – or, at least, I am continuously trying to make it so. It remains a work in progress!

Besides my research I am a member of the editorial board of a Dutch peer-review journal Sociologie, but this is still pretty work related. In order to really unwind and experience absolute bliss, I have taken up painting. This is not in any serious capacity – I mostly do re-workings of paintings and drawings of already famous artists –, but still they are fun enough to showcase (just a little) here.

Hence, on this website you can find a bit of everything about me: my academic work, CV and publications, but also columns that I have written for various outlets, my paintings etc.

For any questions you can reach me via e-mail: vanbohemen@fsw.eur.nl